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General and Recent Videos

“Living with Advanced Dementia—What is it really like? Feb 4, 2017.” A 14–minute glimpse of why Advanced Dementia is considered among the most cruel, most burdensome, and most prolonged of any terminal illness—for patients, loved ones, and caregivers.

“Now Care Planning–Abridged–for Advanced Dementia, suffering-timely, peaceful dying if NO Living Will.” (13 min. 6/04/17)

If PAIN is unbearable at the end of life-The Best Way to Say Goodbye: Six Strategic Levels. Sometimes, patients are not effectively treated for unbearable end-of-life pain and suffering . . . (8 min. 4/16/15)

If Advanced Dementia will be unbearable-The Best Way to Say Goodbye.Six.Strategic.Levels.Terman Goal #1: How to avoid prolonged dying in Advanced Dementia. Goal #2: Learn that premature dying is NOT necessary to attain Goal #1. (25 min. 4/17/15)

Living with Advanced Dementia—What it is really like for patients, loved ones, caregivers? A 14–minute glimpse of why Advanced Dementia considered the most cruel, most burdensome, and most prolonged of any terminal illness—for patients, loved ones, and caregivers? (14 min. 12/16/14)

Your Ironclad Strategy. Sort cards / Consult Physician, Record Videos & Empower proxy / Store online (7 min. 2012, 2014).

Why Dr. Terman dedicates his psychiatric/bioethics career to Plan Now Die Later to Live Longer.—especially if they face the future prospect of the huge challenges presented by Advanced Dementia or of unending, unbearable pain and suffering? (7 min. 5/22/15)

If sex requires prior consent for vulnerable dementia patients, shouldn’t spoon-feeding, also? Lively discussions about SEX: Yeah, of course! About spoon-feeding: —Lively? Are you kidding? (4 min. 4/17/15)

"Legalizing Physician-Assisted Dying in California: 3 solvable problems in the End of Life Option Act." The act might best be named in the plural form, The End-of-Life Options Act. (14 min. 3/24/15)

"Deadly Alzheimer's Myth" (DAM): 3 right-to-die pioneers wrongly state premature dying is necessary." Must dementia patients kill themselves in the early stage of their disease so they can die peacefully? (10 min. 3/18/15)

Advanced Dementia patient—unable to complain—suffered pain from second degree coffee spill burn. A dementia patient suffered for two days in severe pain ​because she did not have the ability to express her pain. (33 sec. 3/5/15)

Must we all die with forced handfeeding in Advanced Dementia? Will others honor our Living Will? Presentation to American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (expanded). (37 min. 10/24/2014) (slides are available upon request). (Level: somewhat advanced.)

If his life depends on thickened liquid-food, Michael Ellenbogen NEVER wants it in Advanced Dementia (6 min. 2/23/15)

Lost, not found in Alzheimer’s—important, timely & relevant lessons in Meryl Comer’s revealing book. “Slow Dancing with a Stranger” reviewed for San Diego Dementia Consortium and Ethics Committee at San Diego Veterans Hospital; edited to avoid redundancy. (31 min. 10/16/14)

Casey Kasem’s Living Will did not work for Dementia. How to make sure your Advance Directive works. Presentation to San Diego Dementia Consortium. (22 min. 6/18/14).

Living Wills Can Deal Effectively With Challenges of Advanced Dementia. Interview by Dr. Wyatt; Pt.1 and Pt. 2 (19 and 27 min.). PowerPoint presentation created from a radio interview on “End-of-Life University” on Feb. 27, 2014.< and

On creating effective Living Wills by sorting My Way Cards/Natural Dying Cards—for yourself or for others:

A Living Will for Alzheimer's Dementia: It's easy & effective 23 X11 (11 min. 10/ 2011).

For a Living Will Effective for Advanced Dementia & Terminal Illnesses, Sort My Way Cards
 (17 mins.  11/20/11) 

Making Hard End of Life Decisions for Your Loved One. Can ALL Agree by Sorting Natural Dying Cards?(12  min. 11/ 2011).

Why I Changed My MindFrom Natural Dying to Treat & Feedfor Certain Symptoms of Advanced Dementia (20 min. 8/2012). (an interview to create a Living Will)

For Loved Ones with NO or Vague Living Wills: Making End ‐ of ‐ Lif e Decisions if There’s No Plug to Pull (37 min. 11/ 2012).; Introduces “Consensus of Substituted Judgment (Now Care Planning).”

The steps you can take, to complete an end-of-life “Ironclad Strategy”:

FASTING: A Peaceful Way to Avoid a Prolonged Dying with Pain and Suffering. 25 X11
(25 min. 10/2011 and 2007).

At The Bedside of a Peaceful Transition 08 X11 (11 min. Oct. 2011).

Dr. Stanley Terman's Opinion About a Patient's Mental Capacity to Make Treatment Decisions. (1 min. 1/2012).

For a good deathunlike my Alzheimer's relatives: a Natural DyingLiving Will & Ironclad Strategy
(38 min. 7/2012).

The “Dementia Fear” and its worst consequence: premature dying:

For the Dementia Fear: Avoid Premature Dying by a Moral & Effective Natural Dying Living Will.Part I (24 min. June/July, 2012).

For the Dementia Fear: Avoid Premature Dying by a Moral & Effective Natural Dying Living Will.P.II
(39 min. June/July, 2012).

When We Die: Does physicianassisted suicide/dying always mean dying is timely?(30 min. 10/2011). (A critique of Sir Terry Pratchett’s advice to die earlier)

For professionals and interested others:

It Isn't Easy Being Pink: POLST's Potential Problems. (Physician Orders for LifeSustaining Treatment). Includes possible Elder Abuse Using a POLST form. (33 min + 10 min discussion, 11/2012.

What Guides Clinicians' Conversations with Patients about Living Wills, POLST forms & Natural Dying? (47 min. 9/2012); Lively Q & A discussion (45 min.)

Advanced Training for Advance Care Planning esp Advanced Dementia 12 712(16 min. 7/2012).

To Prevent Prolonged Dying & Pain in Dementia & Terminal Illnesses.I.Challenges.25.X11.wmv(30 min. 10/2011).  [Due to space limitations, Pages 3 & 4: avail. on request]

To Prevent Prolonged Dying & Pain in Dementia & Terminal Illnesses.II.Strategies.28.X11.wmv(30 min. 10/2011).

For UK residents: To Prevent Prolonged Dying & Pain in Alzheimer's Dementia & Terminal Illnesses.29(37 min. 11/2011).

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