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*DISCLAIMER: Any opinion provided after reviewing your Living Will form or your Advanced Care Planning form, is limited as it reflects only the opinion of the reviewer(s). Opinions rendered will only address if the following three issues are properly addressed in the provided form: 1) Advanced Dementia 2) Pain & Suffering 3) Living Will mistaken as DNR order. This opinion provided is not meant to be and cannot be taken as constituting either legal or medical advice. Legal or medical advice can be rendered only after a thorough evaluation of such factors as the patient's current medical condition and prognosis, particular treatment goals, and family, cultural, and religious factors. Sending us a form to provide an opinion implies no obligation or intent of either party to establish a fiduciary relationship. Sending us a form for our opinion implies the sender fully understands the above. We request but do not require signing a separate consent form that you may return, to allow those providing these opinions to publish a summary of the results as long as they take every reasonable precaution to prevent identifying you as an individual.