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Training Healthcare Professionals to Counsel Patients on Advanced Care Planning for Dementia : January 2016
Training Healthcare Professionals to Counsel Patients so they can Avoid Prolonged Dying in Advanced Dementia.

—a video of Dr. Stan Terman's presentation on Jan. 06, 2016 to the San Francisco Bay Area Network for Improving End-of-Life Care

View either one continuous 58-minute video or 4 parts (each 12 to 17 minutes). Optional: an edited 7-min. video of Q & A (mostly answers).


Patients need accurate clinical advice to create Living Wills to avoid prolonged dying in Advanced Dementia and other terminal illnesses. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services just activated two new billing codes for Medicare to pay most of the cost of counseling for Advance Care Planning.

Yet some obstacles remain: Do healthcare professionals know what tools to use, and how to counsel patients so they complete a plan that will in fact be “effective” someday? Patients who lack information or who receive wrong advice sometimes feel their only choice to avoid a burdensome, prolonged and possibly painful dying is to arrange to die while they still can (which may be premature). The sacrifice of good years of living is one reason Caring Advocates wants to train clinicians from a variety of disciplines so they can guide patients, their proxies/agents, and loved ones on how they can attain peaceful and timely transitions.

This presentation explores how components of the “Ironclad Strategy” can be taught via HIPAA–compliant interactive video to train clinicians to counsel people to reduce the suffering of the increasing number of patients who will comprise the dementia epidemic.

Effective Advance Care Planning can give patients “A Seat at the Table” but only if they complete their planning while they still have capacity. For millions of patients who already have reached the stage of Advanced Dementia without completing either any Living Will, or who have a Living Will that is not effective, Caring Advocates offers this alternative: a new method of end–of–life decision–making, the “Consensus of Substituted Judgment.”


If you want to view the whole 58-minute continuous video, you need only ONE link:

If you want to view the video in parts or get a glimpse of the content, here are the titles and links for the four Parts:
I. Healthcare Professionals training so patients can avoid prolonged dying in Advanced Dementia.Part I
Subtitle: Introduction to the challenges of "effective" Advance Care Planning for Advanced Dementia and other terminal illnesses
II. For Advanced Dementia—“An Effective Seat at the Table” is more affordable with 2 new Medicare codes for which the link is:
III. How to create—an effective Living Will; strategies so physicians comply; retrieving forms & videos.
IV. How to help Advanced Dementia patients without effective Living Wills. Training health professionals.
Dr. Nate Hinerman's four questions at the end guided the presenter to conclude with a relevant discussion. But participants then posed some challenging questions, and the resulting (edited) Q&A (mostly answers) is at this link:
One way to get a quick introduction to Caring Advocates' approach to Advance Care Planning is to read our Consent Form for Counseling for Advance Care Planning. Get a copy by sending us an email with the words, “Counseling Consent Form” in the Subject box.
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