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Advance Care Planning is best done in stages. It is not easy to make such important decisions as your final choices, all at one time. In 2 to 4 weeks, THINK AGAIN: sort the cards a second time. Sorting twice can also show you did not change your mind substantially (that your wishes were consistent).

One way to get your Natural Dying—Living Will is to upload your choices using a table in the free-to-you service called “Survey Monkey.” Its Table looks like your WALLET CARD. Use the links below.

Alternatively, you can send us via fax 888-767-6322; email document to or mail to 45 Bulkley Ave. #4, Sausalito, CA 94965-2224 a copy of your wallet card, (included in each deck of cards) or download a "My Decisions Table"  (Download .pdf) and we‘ll send, FAX, or e-mail back your Natural Dying—Living Will. Be sure to include the Serial # (PIN) on the cover, or the number you received from Caring Advocates.

You can purchase two Living Wills per deck, but two versions: your initial draft and your FINAL version so you can sort twice.

Your initial draft will be sent back to you via e-mail or FAX, or by USPS mail (printed on plain white copy paper).

Your FINAL and/or your Updated version will be sent to you by USPS mail, printed on heavy yellow card stock paper.

Submit your choices using one of the links below, depending on whether this is your initial draft or FINAL version.

Submit Initial Draft

Submit FINAL or UPDATED Version

Remember, you can always change your mind as long as you possess decisional capacity (which is your mental competence for this task, which means you have the ability to make your own medical decisions).

Caring Advocates never charges you to make changes to your Natural Dying—Living Will, other than a small fee to cover shipping and handling (currently $6). If you have previously sent your Advance Care Planning forms to a national registry, Caring Advocates will send your revisions to them at no extra charge.

A year from now, while you might think if you have not changed your mind, you can do nothing, it is far better to state that you have not changed your mind and have witnesses sign a statement so that your proxy/agent can show this as proof regarding your consistency of end-of-life treatment preferences.

You can, but need not, re-sort the cards a year from now. As an alternative, you can merely review your choices and then write and sign a statement (along with the signatures of two qualified witnesses) that either:
A) you have NOT changed your mind; or
B) you have changed your mind for reasons that you briefly explain.

In addition to reviewing your Living Will every year or so, you should also review them if you experience significant changes in your medical or mental condition, marital status, treatment preferences for end-of-life, or any other reason.