Better Diligent Plan: Strategic Advance Care Planning


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Step 1: Use My Way Cards on your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Answer just one question for each condition: “Is suffering severe enough?” If “Yes,” request an intervention that your future physicians and others in authority can accept.

Download your initial DRAFT Natural Dying Living Will and a generic form to designate your proxy/agent. (This form can be your CURRENT Living Will.)

Step 2: Staff reviews your decisions and discusses them over the phone. The goal: your decisions will be consistent and compelling. (Maximum: 10 minutes.)

Add 3 forms:
(A) Consent for Palliative Sedation for Unbearable Pain & Suffering;
(B) Do not force-feed me; and,
(C) Don’t give me thickened food and fluid.

Step 3: Physician-friendly format of your “FINAL” Natural Dying Living Will, which includes a strategic warning to comply with your wishes—printed on heavy stock paper, mailed to your home—ready for signatures to be legally valid.

Step 4: Complete and record a convincing and compelling video living will by an interview with one of our clinicians. (Or “How To” tips if we do not interview you.)*

* Either introduces or completes Step 4 (recording your interview on video), for which counselors charge a fee.