Natural Dying Living Will

Cost and approximate times to complete each step:

Step 1, Draft Natural Dying Living Will:
Cost: $95. Time: 45 to 75 minutes. Total time will be 12 minutes longer if you view the recommended 14-minute instead of the 2-minute video to learn what it is like, for patients and for their loved ones, to live with advanced dementia. Order Now

Step 2, discuss your decisions:
Cost: $35. Time: 5 to 15 minutes to read and discuss the comments about your "First Draft." If purchased at the same time as Step 1: $25, For patients who have health insurance, this step can be part of a session of advance care planning counseling. Order Now

Step 1 and Step 2: $120, if purchased at the same time (save $10—discount taken at checkout).

Step 3a, "Final" (or "Upgraded Final") Natural Dying Living Will:
Cost: $50. Time: 30 to 50 minutes to complete the patient decision aid again.

"Upgraded Final" Natural Dying Living Will:
For a limited time, you can upgrade your Final NDLW if your version is 2018 or older: Order Now
Step 3b: Cost: $35 if you want a PDF emailed to you.
Step 3c: $45 if you want to print it one heavy stock colored paper and send it you by USPS.

Step 4, Interview and video:
Could be "no cost" if you ask your proxy/agent or a friend or loved one to conduct the interview.[1] If you ask Dr. Terman or one of his trained clinical colleagues, the cost will be between $150 and $400 per hour. Interviews typically last between three-quarters of an hour, and one and a half hours.

Step 5, Natural Dying Agreement and Affidavit: $50.
Time: Depends on how quickly others sign their respective forms.

Step 6, national registry to store your forms and videos:
Cost: Membership in depends on the duration of membership you choose. Examples: $45 for one year; $195 for life. Ordering a Medallion (metal dog tag) so that emergency first responders will honor your CPR/DNR wishes, costs about $80. Time: half hour to register and complete the form to indicate the information you want on your MyWCard (and Medallion). Order Now

[1] Having a counseling healthcare provider conduct the interview is highly recommended for planning principals who currently have a diagnosis of a brain disorder that affects thinking, memory, or judgment. Examples: Mild Cognitive Impairment, early dementia, brain trauma or tumors, high doses of medications to treat pain, and liver or kidney failure. A clinician’s opinion about capacity can carry more clinical and legal weight than a lay person’s opinion regarding "sound mind."