Good Initial Plan: My Way Cards to Generate your Initial NDLW

$49 Suggested Donation.

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Suggested Donation $49*

Use the decision aid, My Way Cards, on your computer, tablet, or cellphone. Answer this key question for each condition: "Is suffering severe enough?" If "Yes," you can request the effective intervention, Natural Dying, which is designed to be acceptable to your future physicians and others.

You can download your initial DRAFT Natural Dying Living Will. (This form can be your CURRENT Living Will, OR you can use it in a diligent and deliberative way to get comments, possibly make some revisions, and then repeat the process for your Final Natural Dying Living Will.)

Note to planning principals who have completed their Natural Dying Living Will prior to 2019:

You can buy this item to complete your "Updated Final" Natural Dying Living Will, which incorporates a broadened concept of suffering and uses "severe enough suffering" as the sole criterion to determine WHEN you would want Natural Dying.

The goal of Strategic Advance Care Planning is to make your efforts clear, consistent, convincing, and compelling.

This item includes our sending you a PDF by email and mailing you a printed version of your living will by US Postal Service.

If you do not wish to complete the Natural Dying Agreement and Affidavit, we can also send you a state-specific Proxy Directive to use, along with a guide on how to select and empower your proxies/agents.

*Suggested donation amounts cover only basic expenses. If you donate more, the extra amount may be “tax deductible.” If your financial situation is challenging, donate what you can. We want to help all who want it. Health insurance may cover part of the cost — as an alternative for the Better and Best plans. Call our staff to learn more.