Now Care Planning Bundle

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Select the number of surrogate decision-makers members of the patient's “Decision Committee” you expect to have. (You can always order more later, but to start, the minimum is THREE.)

Call us if you have trouble naming at least THREE. (No Charge)

Step 1: Do concerned individuals who know the patient’s values, think the patient qualifies for “Now Care Planning”?

Step 2: Does (or did) the patient show resistance to being spoon–fed? (Not required.)

Step 3: Loved ones use “My Way Cards” to express their opinions about 49 conditions: “When the patient had capacity, would s/he have judged this condition–by itself–causes severe enough suffering to want others to allow him/her to die of their underlying disease?”

Step 4: Discussion with counselor to answer:
(A) Is there a “Consensus of Substituted Judgments” for one condition for which the patient would want Natural Dying?; and,
(B) Has the patient reached one such condition, NOW?

Step 5: “Shared decision–making” with treating physician, to consider signing a pre–printed Physician Orders for Life–Sustaining Treatment order form and to request a second bioethics or independent clinician opinion.

Step 6: The treating physician reviews the second opinion; holds a conference; may then write orders for Natural Dying; if not proxy/agent and counselor consider other options.

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