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  • Describes and illustrates 50 conditions
  • Describes an effective and acceptable intervention (Natural Dying)
  • Memorializes your treatment decision for each condition
  • Sends you a digital, state-specific proxy directive
  • Sends you digital and printed versions of your Natural Dying Living ill
  • Sends you physician friendly version of your Natural Dying Living Will
  • Sends you form that requests total relief from pain and suffering
  • Sends you form to refuse assisted feeding and hydrating
  • Sends you clinician’s feedback on video regarding consistency of your decisions
  • Provides a video or phone discussion with clinician about your decisions
  • Sends you a guideline to video recording of the oral testimony of your Natural Dying Living Will
  • A clinician can interview you to create the oral testimony of your Natural Dying Living Will (optional, usually covered by health insurance)
  • Sends you the Natural Dying Agreement includes irrevocable contract with proxies/agents, and more than a dozen strategies to compel physicians to honor and to prevent third parties from sabotaging your wishes
  • Sends you the Natural Dying Affidavit that makes it possible for all forms and videos to be considered evidence in a court of law (to avoid going to court)
  • Sends you National Physician Orders Forms for DNR, and for DNR + Natural Dying
  • national registry for rapid retrieval of forms and videos by clinicians (optional &mdash: Click here for combined package)

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