The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye


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The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye: A Legal Peaceful Choice at the End of Life

A Comprehensive discussion of several end-of-life options illustrated by poignant memoirs, with useful guidelines and suggested forms, that is still entertaining by including humorous stories. Actually a book within a book, non-professional readers can, if they wish, skip the more technical sections that refer to over 200 legal citations and medical references. About 475 pages, shrink-wrapped, 7 by 10 inches, hardbound or trade paperback. Available in books stores soon or on the web. Audio version of memoirs and narratives coming soon. Free pdf and audio excerpts are on the web site below, which describes several e-books now available

Life's most ironic fact: When people know they can control when they die-they can, and often do-choose to live longer, and with less anxiety and worry. Our greatest end-of-life fears are being trapped in unbearable pain, or in total indignity and dependency such as the dementia of Alzheimer's disease. The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye details the emotional, practical, clinical, legal, moral, ethical, spiritual, religious, and political aspects of Voluntary Refusal of Food & Fluid‐ the peaceful alternative to Physician-Hastened Dying, which is legal everywhere for competent adults.

Political challenges are daunting and increasing: We might suffer more pain if new laws criminalize doctors for prescribing medications at doses non-medical regulators "judge" as intended to hasten dying. Recalling private conversations around our kitchen tables will no longer be considered evidence of a patient's wishes if 23 American States (or more) pass laws to restrict family members from making the end-of-life decisions that they know their loved ones would want. What can we do? We must diligently compose strategic documents that will empower our Proxies to overcome future challenges.

The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye: A Legal Peaceful Choice at the End of Life is the first book to present everything readers must know to diligently compose strategic documents to empower their future Proxies, especially if they wish to Refuse Food & Fluid-either by tubes or by forced feeding via the mouth.

Psychiatrist Dr. Terman's experience in end-of-life clinical ethics includes founding and leading the non-profit organization, Caring Advocates, whose staff offers individuals and other professionals advice and second opinions on creating and implementing Living Wills and Proxy Directives.

The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye provides details to empower Proxies so they can overcome challenges to honoring the reader's choice of Last Wishes. Multi-authored poignant memoirs and humorous stories add to the practical guidelines and forms, and its "book-within-a-book" format makes it comprehensive for professionals and user-friendly for all.

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