Natural Dying Agreement and Affidavit


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The Natural Dying Agreement and the Natural Dying Affidavit include a comprehensive set of legal/medical/logistical strategies.

The Natural Dying Agreement includes a durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions that is made stronger by being a “bilateral contract” between you and every member of your Decision Committee. This Agreement lets you empower your proxies/agents with additional authority to help prevent anyone—even your future demented self—from sabotaging your plan for a peaceful, timely dying. Certain sections of this document strive to convince your future treating physician to honor your end-of-life wishes. “Step Five” of the Six Steps to Strategic Advance Care Planning list 14 challenges that this document strives to overcome.

The Natural Dying Affidavit summarizes all your specific wishes. If you swear in front of a notary that this declaration is true and correct, a judge can admit it as evidence in a court of law. Ironically, this strategy may prevent the need to go to court. Here’s why: If those who initially oppose your decisions fear a judge will accept the Affidavit and rule that they must honor your wishes, they may avoid going to court by honoring your wishes.