BEST Strategic Plan: Strategic Advance Care Planning


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Includes all items in the Diligent Plan PLUS:

The Natural Dying Agreement and the Natural Dying Affidavit include a wide range of legal/medical/logistical strategies.

The Natural Dying Agreement includes a durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions made stronger by forming a “bilateral contract” with each member. This Agreement empowers your proxies/agents to help prevent anyone—even your future demented self—from sabotaging your plan for a peaceful, timely dying. It also strives to overcome common challenges to compel future treating physicians to honor your end-of-life wishes.

The Natural Dying Agreement summarizes all your specific wishes in a form that can legally be admitted as evidence in a court of law, which ironically, may prevent the need to go to court.

The 3 Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

forms include one with pre-printed orders for Natural Dying to make it easy for your current physician to sign. We also send you 3 suggested scripts if you want to record on video, your instructions to emergency medical personnel.

All documents are sent by email as PDFs. We include a list of instructions that serves as your checklist for “Who signs what?” Our staff can also help as your guide to complete these tasks. Remember: Rarely is there a simple solution to a complicated problem.