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(Includes a one-year membership in the national registry, Program, to store your forms and videos so they can be readily accessed.)

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Caring Advocates’ “Plan Now, Die Later™ to Live Longer”  Living Will Planning Package:

  1. My Way Cards or Natural Dying Living Will Cards—an illustrated decision aid tool that generates a clear and specific Living Will to inform your future physicians and others WHAT treatments you want, and WHEN. For example, you can indicate that the time will have come to implement “Natural Dying” if a car accident or stroke has left you in a Permanent Vegetative State, or after you have reached the advanced stage of dementia.
  2. Life–time permission to update your end–of–life decisions in your Living Will (as long as you still have decisional capacity). Just provide Caring Advocates your most recent revision of your end–of–life decisions—by providing your new “My Decisions Table.” You can mail, fax, email or upload it.
  3. We evaluate your present Living Will and recommend suggested wording for you to indicate which one you want to prevail—if the two conflict.
  4. A set of Natural Dying Forms to implement your personal “Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy.” This includes the bilateral contract between you and your proxy/agent called the Natural Dying Agreement and what some view as the “trump card,” which is the Natural Dying Affidavit.
  5. Three books: (1) Peaceful Transitions: Stories of Success and Compassion; (2) Peaceful Transitions: Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy; and (3) The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye: A Legal Peaceful Choice at the End of Life.
  6. A one-year membership in the national registry, Program, where you can store your forms and videos so they can be readily accessed by clinicians when they urgently need to learn your end-of-life wishes.
  7. MyW Wallet Card with your unique 2-dimensional barcode; a MyW Pouch, and several MyW Stickers to place on drivers’ licenses and other forms such as your Physician Orders for Life–Sustaining Treatment (POLST form).
  8. A $50 coupon toward Caring Advocates' current price for its Thirst Reduction Aid Kit (TRAK), which you can purchase any time and use to help reduce the symptoms of thirst and dryness.
  9. Telephone or e–mail support from our staff, to help you complete all forms and videos for your strategic Advance Care Planning.
  10. A ten–minute phone or SKYPE consultation with Caring Advocates’ Medical Director, Dr. Stanley A. Terman—at a time of your choosing.


Options and other available services:
  1. The option to order additional sets of Natural Dying Forms for the “Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy”; additional Living Wills; additional My Decisions Tables; and additional staff time—for members of the same household (Maximum two.)
  2. An interview with a health care provider to select options consistent with your Living Will to complete your Physician Orders for Life–Sustaining Treatment (POLST) paradigm form.
  3. Dr. Terman’s professional fee: to review previously completed documents, to conduct semi– structured interviews that can record your wishes on video, to hold family sessions to resolve conflicts, and to render an opinion regarding the patient’s capacity to give informed consent for Palliative Sedation to Unconsciousness and for Natural Dying… is $300 per hour. Other professionals associated with Caring Advocates have lower hourly fees.
  4. Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Medallions. California and other states’ Emergency Medical Services Authority have authorized Caring Advocates as a vendor of these life–determining medallions. You can wear a medallion so emergency medical personnel and physicians will honor your indicated wishes about resuscitation. The cost is $70.

*Natural Dying Living Will Cards version is for those who wish to make decisions consistent with the teachings of their religion
My Way Cards version is for those who wish to make decisions consistent with prioritizing their autonomy and self-determination.