plan and honor end-of-life decisions

Caring Advocates Living Will Planning Package


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  1. Cards: My Way Cards or Natural Dying Living Will Cards(jumbo size, glossy card stock)
  2. Forms: A complete set of Natural Dying Forms to put in place, your personal “Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy” along with step-by-step written instructions.
  3. Two Books: Peaceful Transitions: Stories of Success and Compassion; Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy; and The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye: A Legal Peaceful Choice at the End of Life
  4. One-year membership in the national registry, Program
    1. MyW Wallet Card with your unique 2-dimensional barcode (and a MyW pouch)
    2. MyW Stickers to place on license and other forms
  5. One half-hour of telephone staff support to answer questions.
  6. The option to order an additional set of Natural Dying Forms for the “Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy” including an additional Living Will) for members of the same household ONLY at an additional cost of $75.

You may also want to order a wearable DNR Medallion or a Natural Dying Medallion that emergency medical personnel in your state may have been trained to honor.

“Natural Dying Living Will Cards” version is for those who wish to make decisions consistent with the teachings of their religion
“My Way Cards” version is for those who wish to make decisions consistent with prioritizing their autonomy and self-determination.
Default selection are Natural Dying Living Will Cards because they can work for both. If you want the My Way Cards, change the type selected in the order box, above.