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Are these goals important to you?

  • To have a timely and peaceful transition?
  • To get complete relief from severe pain and suffering?
  • To avoid prolonged harm and burdens if you reach Advanced Dementia?
  • To have others honor your dignity and respect your privacy?
  • To protect your family members from stress and conflict?

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  1. “Case Study” of Casey Kasem. One in a series of real–life cases showing how certain strategies may make a huge difference.
  2. Instructions to send us your Living Will for our no obligation, FREE professional evaluation and what we do/don’t cover.
  3. At www.CaringAdvocates.org/SAGE/ download Dr. Douglas Scharre's SAGE test to indicate the possibility of Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Dementia.
  4. Worried about your risk of reaching Advanced Dementia? Answer these 20 questions; then read our recommendations.
  5. “Stress in Older People Increases Risk for Pre–Alzheimer's Condition”. Take the Perceived Stress Score test.

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Dr. Terman's most recent presentation now on YouTube at youtu.be/QrLZw02UZG4,
Living wills for dementia — 24 “Fatal” Flaws May Dishonor Your Goal for a Peaceful, Timely Dying​

Caring Advocates’ Planning Professionals can help you help a loved one

Now Care Planning*

*If it's too late for Advance Care Planning.
A Seat at the Table - Now Care Planning

Suppose someday, a serious illness prevents you from being able to speak for yourself. Then you will have two complementary ways to express your wishes:

(A) The legally valid, clear and specific Living Will that you completed, signed, and had witnessed; and,  
(B) The video that you recorded on which you explain exactly why you feel certain wishes are so important.

When “that time” comes, your “Decision Team”— your physician, proxy/agent and perhaps family members and counselors—can compare your condition with your written Living Will and view your video recording.

Plan Now, Die Later® to Live Longer” so you can attain these two goals: Eliminate or vastly reduce family conflict; and, Experience a peaceful, prompt, and private passing.

*When it's too late for Advance Care Planning.

Helping dementia patients avoid premature death.

San Diego Union-Tribune, March 5, 2015. By Stanley A. Terman, PhD, MD

“How long do I have?” is question No. 1 after receiving a terminal diagnosis. If diagnosed with dementia, often the next is, “How can I avoid prolonged dying in advanced dementia?”

The movie “Still Alice” featured Julianne Moore in an Academy Award-winning performance portraying losses of memory, family, profession, independence, perhaps dignity and losing control over one’s destiny.

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What we do and why:

Our mission:

Caring Advocates’ clinical, legal, and pastoral professionals are dedicated to helping people attain peaceful and timely transitions.
Our Plan Now, Die Later™ strategic approach to Advance Care Planning effectively reduces prolonged suffering.
Confidence that others will honor their wishes lets patients decide to live longer.

Our means:

Caring Advocates’ clinical, legal, and pastoral health care professionals are dedicated to help you learn your end-of-life options, express your wishes strategically and, serve as your advocates so others DO honor your wishes.

I am very impressed with what Dr. Terman has been doing at both a practical and theoretical level (an outstanding mix of the two) to improve the lives and control of people with dementia.

Dr. Tony Hope, founder and Director, Oxford University's Ethox Centre; leader of Nuffield Council's report, "Dementia: Ethical Issues"